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 Subject Can I please get in touch with a manager    Discussion Thread  Response (Andrew)02/11/2010 04:15 PM Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting Enterprise Rent-A-Car and the opportunity to review this matter. After investigating the rental it appears that the branch manager of the renting location did research the issue and responded accordingly. I am terribly sorry if you felt he didn't provide this matter the attention that you believe it needed - we certainly value your business and would never want to disappoint you.

Unfortunately after reviewing the matter thoroughly I would be unable to suggest any modifications to this transaction. Company policy is that all rentals do need to be returned during normal branch hours and be checked in by an Enterprise employee. This does include holidays and weekends. While on occasion, some locations can accept after hours returns, the renter remains responsible for these vehicles and they are considered on rent until the following business day at which point an employee can verify the return, inspect the vehicle, and close the contract. After review the parameters of this rental it appears that the location indicated your intention to return the vehicle after hours on the 31st and that the location would honor a one day rate based on good faith. We have confirmed with the location that you intended to return to that the vehicle was no on their lot the following day, January 2nd, when they reopened the location or returned prior to their close that same day. Unfortunately, because of that, the rental contract did remain open until Monday morning at which point the vehicle was checked in.

I apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any additional questions, you may contact our branch manager, Jeff at

Thank you,
Enterprise Help Desk Team  Customer 02/11/2010 01:10 PM

Hello Andrew,
Thank you for your quick reply.
I rented a cargo van from the 3131 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M1L 1B3 on
December 30/09 @ 6:00PM for one day. And returned it on December 31/09 @
5:00 after speaking to some one from the Branch by the name of SAM who gave
me permission to drop off the van at 5:00 without over charge. However, when
I got my Visa bill I saw that I was charged over $300(I will tell you the
exact amount when I have my bill with me) from December 30/09 @ 6:00PM TO
January 04/2010! I can't understand why I'm being charged for all this time
when I only used the van for one day. I spoke to Jeff a week ago and that's
when he said to me he's going to investigate this issue and get back to me,
unfortunately I have not heard back from him.
I rent a lot from Enterprise, however if this is how your company will treat
me it will have been my last time doing business with you. I always return
the car on time and in good and clean condition. I asked permission to
return the car to a different location and at 5pm instead of 4pm, and did so
only after getting approval from Sam the person I talked to.
I'm thus far very disappointed with the level of service I have gotten from
this last rental I have from Enterprise.
Please have someone REALLY investigate into this problem as soon as possible
and have some one call me at (647) ***-****.

Thank you.

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On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 9:55 AM, Enterprise Rent-A-Car <
phonereservations@enterprise.com> wrote:
>  Response (Andrew)02/11/2010 08:55 AM Dear  Customer,

Thank you for your e-mail and the opportunity to respond to your feedback regarding your experience with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. We are very interested in resolving any outstanding issue on your behalf, so that we can keep you as a valued Enterprise customer.

If you would please respond back with some additional information, we would be happy to request that an Enterprise Manager contact you personally to resolve any issue. Please include the Enterprise rental location City, State, and street address, along with your daytime phone number and specific details of your rental concerns, so we can follow up personally to resolve any issue.

Thank you,
Enterprise Help Desk Team  Customer 02/10/2010 02:45 PM Hi, I have a concern and I would like to address this very important issue with a manager. can some one please contact me at 647-***-****.
Thank you.